When you throw out the first half...

Making the brutal decision to let go of 30,000 words

This weekend, I made a decision. Speaking with my fiction writing cohort, it came to my attention that the actual call to action was what I was considering my mid-point climax. If that were so, I started my story about 30,000 words too soon and needed to cut the long, beautiful, psychologically haunting beginning. Don’t worry, it hasn’t been trashed. Maybe it will become a prequel someday. But this particular book will be better for it.

However, other than the world and our protagonist Stella, most of what I’ve shared is no longer applicable to this manuscript. In many ways, it feels like starting all over again from the start of the race, and it is rather discouraging. But then I remember it is all about the journey. The joy of writing. It has never been about the end product for me. So I’m determined to enjoy this new path, and take you with me as we explore Stella’s world-changing adventure.