The beginning may be a little rough.

Starting a newsletter is intimidating!

Hello friends,

I’ve never done this before, putting myself out there to be held accountable by those of you who wish to support me and can’t wait to see the finished product. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved putting pen to paper and writing. One of my favorite childhood gifts was a typewriter. The clacking of the keys was like music to my ears. Day after day, through high school, college, marriage, parenthood, grad school, and work, I write. I’ve graduated to a laptop these days, but some days I still put pen to paper, and I’m considering getting a typewriter. There is just something about holding the paper in my hands that feels good to me. This is also why I love books vs. e-books. Take a look at a section of my personal library. It is overtaking my house.

You might also notice the scrapbooks on the bottom shelves. Yeah, I do that to. You might think that I have too much free time on my hands, but you would be wrong. I work as a mental health counselor, and strive to keep my work life and my personal life separate. For that reason I have chosen to write under a pen name. In this time of political upheaval and worldwide pandemic, work life has ticked up a notch. Additionally, family life around here is hectic, usually chaotic, and full of difficult choices and hard work. My oldest is driving now (terrifying), the middle child is struggling with starting his freshman year of High School, and the baby is now a decade old. He struggles with an autism diagnosis, and used to hate writing. In teaching him to enjoy writing, I have rekindled my passion for writing. In working with him to complete a project, I was inspired to do the same.

So welcome to my inside world, where I will walk you through my life, my writing, my thoughts, and even my emotions. We’ll follow the little one on his journey as well. We look forward to sharing our writing with you!