Meet Stella Morrigan, Counselor

The protagonist of my novel

The following is a rough (and I mean ROUGH) description of our heroine. She is still in a process of evolving throughout the editing process, but hopefully this glimpse will whet your appetite.

Stella Morrigan is almost 40 years old.  But I’m not even sure she knows that.  Her mind is occupied with a singular purpose- to work with the Consortium to destroy the Allies. She has had her sights set on this goal for as long as she can remember, and time seems to have lost all relevance. She is tall and regal, with dark skin and curly black hair.  She is a mental health counselor on the warship Intrepid and is also a talented spy and brilliant strategist.  She is usually busy helping with the psychological needs of the men and women on the ship.  At the beginning of the story, she works hard to keep things about her past secret. 

She hates Medical because she has only had bad experiences there.  There are a number of past traumas that will be revealed throughout the story.  She loves Captain Steve as a brother and best friend, and has permission to serve on his ship only, a rare luxury. 

Stella does not handle change well.  Her biggest flaws are a stubborn streak and difficulty accepting help.  She is fiercely independent. When she sets her sights on something, it will take something major to change her mind.  This is both a flaw and a heroic trait.  She doesn’t do a great job taking care of herself, but she cares deeply for everyone else.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into my protagonist, and if you have you have any questions or suggestions, as always, either comment here, or contact me via facebook or twitter.

Until next time,